www.ohlois.dk is a fusion of the music from Oh Lois and the comic strip The Red Sun. The works can be experienced both as a whole and as separate parts.

Oh Lois is an album by Søren Manscher, created under the alias Oh Lois, released June 2018. All music is written, performed and produced by Søren Manscher.

The Red Sun is a comic strip featuring the original characters, Henry, Man and Lois, as they struggle through their daily lives after a mysterious red sun suddenly appears in the sky. Man is a retired superhero living together with Lois, an out-of-work reporter, and they are both frustrated with the non-drama of everyday life. Henry is an 11-year-old boy, living with his grandmother, who discovers a portal into another world where he falls deeply into sexual obsession with the lustrous and seductive Lady Dee.

The Red Sun is an invitation for the listener to enter the world behind the music of Oh Lois. After the release of Oh Lois, a new chapter will be released on the website each month.

The Red Sun is based on manuscript by Søren Manscher and designed, drawn and colored by artist Dagmar Grau Møller. It is handdrawn with liquid ink on 180 g paper. Conceptual supervision and web design by Iris Bakker.