Oh Lois is written, performed & produced by Søren Manscher except when noted otherwise.

All tracks are mixed by Mikkel Bolding and mastered by ET Mastering.

Psych On The Beach (Or Life On Wheels & The Mysteries Of Drinking)

Drums by Rasmus Fredensborg Jensen

Lesson Learned

Saxophone by Zeki Jindyll

Violin, cello, whistle, percussion & additional vocals  by Megan Ndale

Lady Down

Drums by Rasmus Fredensborg Jensen

Additional vocals by Greta Schenk

The Red Sun

Drums, Roland JX-8P & co-production by Rasmus Fredensborg Jensen

Saxophone by Zeki Jindyll


Korg MS-20 & dogbreath by Lasse Sonne

Micro Korg & dogbreath by Christian Haase

Am I Nowhere

Co-writing by Greta Schenk

Nowhere (Hello And Welcome)

Saxophone by Zeki Jindyll

This release is supported by Koda, DPA & Aarhus Musikpulje